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All authors names are now visible, and you're free to crosspost to your heart's content.

Thank you to all of you --and especially to Morbane, our pinch hitter! We made some truly fantastic stories.

In alphabetical order:

AgentRenaeShnucumbs wrote En-captured in Your Touch for lynndyre
Fabrisse wrote The Road to Lancelot for geckoholic
geckoholic wrote First Mile's Always Harder for theoldgods
LegoLock wrote It's Not Jail for Wreck
lynndyre wrote Unreal City for ravens_rising
Marzi wrote Should I Die Before I Wake for potted_music
Morbane wrote Controlled Conditions for Fabrisse
potted_music wrote giving up the ghost for spinnd
ravens_rising wrote faith and desire for Marzi
spinnd wrote Out of Crooked Timber for beaubete
syllogismos wrote Come in under the shadow for LegoLock
theoldgods wrote Outside My Current Experience for syllogismos
Wreck wrote Everybody's Friends for AgentRenaeShnucumbs


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