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Authorship Revealed!

All authors names are now visible, and you're free to crosspost to your heart's content.

Thank you to all of you --and especially to Morbane, our pinch hitter! We made some truly fantastic stories.

In alphabetical order:

AgentRenaeShnucumbs wrote En-captured in Your Touch for lynndyre
Fabrisse wrote The Road to Lancelot for geckoholic
geckoholic wrote First Mile's Always Harder for theoldgods
LegoLock wrote It's Not Jail for Wreck
lynndyre wrote Unreal City for ravens_rising
Marzi wrote Should I Die Before I Wake for potted_music
Morbane wrote Controlled Conditions for Fabrisse
potted_music wrote giving up the ghost for spinnd
ravens_rising wrote faith and desire for Marzi
spinnd wrote Out of Crooked Timber for beaubete
syllogismos wrote Come in under the shadow for LegoLock
theoldgods wrote Outside My Current Experience for syllogismos
Wreck wrote Everybody's Friends for AgentRenaeShnucumbs
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And We're Live!

All gifts have been revealed, and gift notification emails have been sent. Enjoy!!
(And should you wish to increase your visibility to the rest of the fandom, you can forward-date your stories to today, and they'll show up for people browsing the Kingsman fandom page.)

Thank you to everyone who participated in this exchange!
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Emergency Pinch Hit!

We've had an extension request default, so this Pinch Hit will be due by end-of-day Central Time, Friday September 4 -- Anyone who can take this will deserve all the beautiful suits and puppies!

To claim, comment here or email me at kingsmanexmod@gmail.com!

ETA: Covered!

(no subject)

And the deadline is past! We have a few people who requested extensions, so the archive is remaining open. Should all go according to plan, stories will go live next Saturday September 5.

If you need to edit your story, you can do so up until things go live. Unrevealed/anonymous works will not display on your AO3 dashboard or works page, but can still be accessed via your 'Statistics' page, from the links down the left-hand side.

Two hours!

Two hours remaining until the deadline, everyone!

Last few days!

We have three fantastic stories already in the archive- you guys are wonderful! Stories are due midnight Central time on Saturday the 29th (Countdown Here)

If you're having any trouble and need to drop out, please let me know as soon as possible (kingsmanexmod@gmail.com).

Best of luck to you all!
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Pinch Hit

We have one pinch hit in need of a writer! If you'd like to pick it up, you can comment here (comments are screened), send me a PM, or email me at kingsmanexmod@gmail.com .

You don't need to be signed up for the exchange to pinch hit- we'd love to have you! The due date for this pinch hit will be midnight EDT on September 2nd.

ETA: Claimed!

(no subject)

We have our first fic in the archive! I hope everyone's writing is going well.

And if any of you like writing longfic, I ran into a Kingsman Big Bang that's just starting up- writer signups for that close on the 8th.

Good luck, everybody! And if you've got any questions/concerns, feel free to talk to me. I'm looking forward to what we all make!
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Assignments are Sent!

All assignments should be out, now (or reaching your inboxes very quickly). I hope to have given you something you can have fun with! If you have any problems with your assignment, do let me know- either via PM or email kingsmanexmod@gmail.com

All requests are now visible on the Request Summary page HERE!

Signups are now closed

We have a fun mix of things! Now to plan out everyone's assigned missions. Assignments should go out in the next day or two.

Also! Would you like everyone's requests to be made visible for treating purposes?
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Last day of Signups!

Sign-ups will close tomorrow night (June 23) at midnight CDT - about 24 hours from now.

All aboard that's coming aboard!

(no subject)

Halfway through signups and I just want to say you guys are awesome! We've got a range of ships and requests, but we're theoretically matchable already - our agents are readily adaptable!   

If you would like to sponsor new recruits -- Spread the word!   And if you'd like to include the banner, here is the html code for embedding it:
<center><a href="http://archiveofourown.org/collections/Kingsman_Ex/profile" target="_blank"><img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v294/lynndyre/ex-banner%20optionc_zpsw4rs0xwj.jpg" border="0" alt="Kingsman Summer Knights Exchange"/></a></center>

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Sign-ups are open!

Sign-ups are open now on AO3- click here to sign up!

All Kingsman movie characters are eligible to request. Matching will be done by hand.

What to include in your signup )

Note: Because of the punctuation in the official tag, Eggsy's not showing up in the drop-down menu for character selection. To request/offer Eggsy, copy-paste his name in the character field as: Gary "Eggsy" Unwin

Threesomes/Moresomes are definitely allowed. And if you have any questions, feel free to ask!


Welcome to Kingsman: Summer Knights! In honor of the DVD release, this is a fic and art exchange running through the English summer.

Signups: June 09 - June 23
Assignments Out: ~June 27
Assignments Due: August 29
Everything goes live: September 5

Feel free to make inquiries here!