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Sign-ups are open now on AO3- click here to sign up!

All Kingsman movie characters are eligible to request. Matching will be done by hand.

In your signup, AO3 fields will allow you to specify characters offered/requested. In the Description box, you'll need to include the following information:


Relationships you want to receive (can include both gen (&) and ships (/)): list two or more options

Do you want to receive fic, art, or both?

Themes, genres, tropes you enjoy receiving:

Themes, genres, tropes you want to avoid receiving:

Prompts or Scenarios:

--these are optional, but often very helpful to your creator!

--if you're requesting art, include a few art prompts

--please give equal time to all the relationships/interactions you're requesting – don't prioritise one over the others, you don't know which one your creator matched you on!


Relationships you are happy to write (can include both gen (&) and ships (/)): list two or more options

Are you offering fic, art, or both?

Themes, genres, tropes you enjoy creating for:

Themes, genres, tropes you do not want to create for:

Anything else Mod should know:

Note: Because of the punctuation in the official tag, Eggsy's not showing up in the drop-down menu for character selection. To request/offer Eggsy, copy-paste his name in the character field as: Gary "Eggsy" Unwin

Threesomes/Moresomes are definitely allowed. And if you have any questions, feel free to ask!
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